HLD Property Development Services

On major commercial, industrial or high-rise residential developments, long-term crane hire costs can run into many millions of dollars. Without assistance from specialist engineers, often complex decisions are required to be made by the developer concerning the design, placement, installation, purchase or hire of large cranes.

HLD specialises in helping developers manage many of these complex crane planning decisions; from early-stage cost planning for feasibility studies through to layout planning and site investigation studies, erection and dismantle planning as well as equipment sourcing, contract negotiation and assistance with challenging decisions around the ‘purchase versus lease’ scenario, HLD provides property developers with tangible value.

HLD also manages the procurement and negotiation of civil aviation approval whilst providing a platform for developers to undertake independent third-party reviews of their crane contracts, supplier work, health and safety systems and insurance requirements.

Case studies about how we’ve help developers around Australia plan their crane requirements can be viewed on the HLD website here.