The Challenges.

We understand that on major commercial, industrial or hight-rise residential developments, long-term crane hire costs can run into many millions of dollars. Many developers lack the in-house engineering expertise needed to make the complex decisions concerning design, placement, installation, purchase or hire of large cranes.

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How we can help.

HLD specialises in helping property developers manage their complex crane planning decisions; from early-stage cost planning in feasibility studies through to layout planning, erection and dismantle planning as well as equipment sourcing and contract negotiation. We also help many developers with the decision to purchase or lease their crane assets, by designing cost models that leverage our 30 years of experience in the industry.

HLD also manages the procurement and negotiation of civil aviation approval whilst providing a platform for developers to undertake independent third-party reviews of their crane contracts, supplier work, health and safety systems and insurance requirements.

HLD works either directly with a developer or their principal construction contractors, as nominated suppliers of technical lift studies and crane requirements.

Our Services

Our tailored crane solutions for development managers include:

  • Cost planning and feasibility studies;
  • Equipments sourcing and design customisation;
  • Site layout planning;
  • Third-party contract reviews and negotiation;
  • Independent work, health and safety auditing;
  • Civil aviation approval;
  • Base & tie designs;
  • Crane photography.


We work with a wide range of developers across a number of different assets classes; from small residential development companies, right through to listed, tier-one institutional developers as well major international firms.

We are the preferred technical lift engineer for many well-know property developers, project and development managers around the country.

Some of our clients include:

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